Oracle DBA Training and Know-How Transfer

TAG is an independent Technology Training Company whose instructors have diverse experience in the Information Technology field. All TAG instructors have extensive work experience and are Oracle Experts. Let us enhance your Oracle training with instructors who have been there, working as professional Oracle DBAs, and we will share our experience with you.


TAG's Oracle training classes are designed for the working professional, and we guarantee your success by offering additional post-class consulting and mentoring, to give you the confidence you need in your new career. We provide world-class Oracle education at affordable prices.

SQL DBA Training and Know-How Transfer

We are eager to share our knowledge and know-how with our most trusted clients. If required we can come up with a specially designed training program that is perfectly suited for your current needs. We can put an emphasis on the issue you are facing today and teach your developers few tricks.

Robotics Training and Know-How Transfer


We offer Robotics head,hand and Arduino workshops are for ages 13 to 70+ or anybody interested in modern electronics and building awesome projects. We assume that you have no prior electronics nor programming experience at all.

All you need is an interest in electronics!