Learn how to build robotics projects in one day !


The software


You will be able to install, understand and use the software.For newcomers, this can look daunting but we will get you to quickly get the hang of it, it’s easy….. once you know how


Development and electronics


When we work with electronic components you need to know how to use a breadboard, jumpers and so on. We will teach you that as well as how to use some basic components like LED’s and resistors. You will be able to quickly assemble electronics without having to use a soldering iron


Uploading your instructions Arduino will obey all your instructions


We will teach you how to upload these instructions to the microcontroller and the common pitfalls you can run into so you don’t have to try figuring this out for hours


Reading values from sensors


A microcontroller like Arduino can read values from almost anything including light sensors, temperature sensors and a bunch of other components and sensors. We will teach you how to do that. At this stage, you will already have enough training to use a sensor like a light sensor to switch lights on and off. We will use a potentiometer to mimic any analog sensor


Turning things on and off


We will turn a LED on and off. The thing is if you know how to turn a led on or off you will also know how to turn a relay on or of that, in turn, will switch lights etc. You will learn how to turn anything on or off with your Arduino


Reading stuff from your Arduino on your PC screen


We will teach you how to read messages, sensor values like temperatures and so forth from your Arduino on your PC screen. This is important to do but extremely easy, you will know at all times what your Arduino and sensors are up to


It’s also an ideal opportunity to get your Arduino questions answered. Hope we will see you on this upcoming course. It will save you days of frustration and have you up and running super fast with Arduino.

Robotics For Facilitators Workshop (Arduino Getting started)

R1 850,00Price
  • Who should attend?


    Robotics for facilitators workshop is for faciltators or teachers who would like to teach arduino as a subject or anybody age 16+ interested in modern electronics and building awesome projects. We assume that you have no prior electronics nor programming experience at all. All you need is an interest in electronics!


    When & where is it:


    Saturday,27th February 2021,In North-west,Mount Amanzi,Rustenburg

    The course will run from 9H00 – 16H00


    Kit:  – The complete Kit and Software is included in the course fee and it is yours to take home and use.
    Certification: - Certificate of attendance  will be issued


    Refreshments and lunch:


    Tea and coffee will be supplied during tea times. A light variety cold platter lunch will be supplied. We unfortunately can not cater for special dietary needs over the weekends, please bring your own lunch if you have special dietary needs.


    Class room size: 


    We normally train a maximum of 20 people to ensure individual attention. Due to COVID19 restrictions we have reduced number of trainees to 8 people per workshop

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